Principal Message


We at Gurukul PVT ITI focus on providing innovating ideas and application of knowledge for preparing students to take up Challenges for future. We are going to be exposed to very fast changes in the technological development and innovations of science. The future mode of teaching and learning process is definitely going to take a new turn.

Ordinary things done in an extraordinary way make people great

Duty discipline and character are the three pillars of success. If one performs one’s duty sincerely and well disciplined having good moral character the success in reserved for him In Quality conscious and global competitiveness survival in possible only if we achieve high productivity at low cost with better.

My aim is to build the Gurukul Pvt ITI as one the excellent center of learning. My excellent relations with teachers, parents and society amply helped in realizing my goal. My love for teaching and passion for social work has prompted me take up adult education programs in villages. A number of our faculty members have obtained their degrees from reputed institutions.Through researches and teachers orientation programs brought changes in teaching methods.

Moto darkness to light The day has come when every student should realize that with Globalization and the tumultuous changes we see in the international scenario, the multinational companies and the corporate world have changed their out look and methods of assessment of the prospective candidates for providing jobs.

We try to encourage, nurture and develop the values in each student to make a better individual who in turn will contribute towards a better society. We do so many jobs in bringing out the best in each student. We believe that education leads to self realization. Our aim is to help a student realize his potential to the fullest extent and contribute usefully and effectively to the community


To implement all training schemes of the Government of India in a meticulous and time bound manner. Ensure skill training is made available to maximum youth of the country.



Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the technical skills & knowledge to become a social, responsible and successful citizen of India. At the same time, it is our aim to meet the changing needs of the society with excellence, leadership, problem solving and interdisciplinary collaboration. Also we strongly desire to be recognized as an excellent academic community by continual improvement, personal growth and professional development.


To provide quality training to all possible people so as to achieve the national goal of 500 million skilled persons by 2020 so as to reduce unemployment.

To Create a skilled and technically qualified work force who would contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

The Vision of Gurukul ITI is to establish itself as a leading ITI college and achieve greater recognition for our efforts in our chosen fields of endeavor. To give society a number of committed professionals at affordable cost.